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Welcome to
Jimbo the Clown's Website
Central Pennsylvania Premium Evening & Weekend Entertainer

Breaking News: Jimbo has just returned from Clownfest 2012, Check out the Latest News page for the details!!! 

 Now available for entertaining after 6:30 on Weekdays & most anytime Saturdays/Sundays.

 So Why choose Jimbo for your event?

 Jimbo is an Award Winning Balloon Artist, having won many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies at various clown conventions that he has attended over the last 20 years. 

Jimbo offers many Party Options: For children under 10 there are 3 different Party Packages

Magic tricks, games, songs and juggling are included in almost every perfomance.

Jimbo offers Party Activity options: Face Painting, Spin-art or Sand-art.

Plus, each Birthday Child receives a Personalized Painters Cap and their choice of their own "Special Balloon Figure"

of either a "Lootle", Teddy Bear or colorful Butterfly.


 Jimbo (or Jay Arthur) also now offers two Brand NEW party programs for children over 10 years old.

A "Glitter Tattoo Party" great for either boys or girls


The "Balloon Extravaganza Party" where the guest get to play numerous balloon oriented games.


Planning a large event such as a School Carnival, Company Picnic, or Street fair?  Jimbo has entertainment options for you also, Contact Jimbo for details on his magic & puppet shows. 


 I hope you take a moment to look over the details of each party package and then consider inviting Jimbo to your next event.

I'd like to send a Special "Thanks" to all my friends that have included "Jimbo" at their Company Picnics, Family Reunions, Church Carnivals and of course, Birthday Parties over the last two decades.

Please check out my "Jimbo's latest News" page for some important news.


Member of



Jimbo is extremely pleased to have been selected as
"Harrisburg Magazine's
Reader's Choice
Children's Entertainer "
for 4 years running, 2007-2010.
Jimbo thanks you for your vote!!


SO, What about Coulrophobia?
(the Fear of Clowns)

Jimbo realizes that not everyone loves clowns. In any group of kids, there may be one or two that aren't sure about him at first. Is this Coulrophobia? probably not, but just the same, Jimbo will do his best to minimize the child's (or adult's) fear.

Jimbo will not approach any child that looks afraid, but will instead turn his attention to the other kids in hope that the child soon realizes for himself that Jimbo is not to be feared. With young parties, Jimbo will spend most of the party sitting on the floor, so as not to tower over the children. Later, Jimbo may try to engage the child with juggling balls or balloons. In many cases, most children just need some time to warm up to the stranger in their home.

Adults are different. Jimbo will simply avoid any contact understanding that Coulrophobia is a recognized phobia and there isn't much I can do to change a lifetime fear.



Equally comfortable in you home Birthday party or larger commercial venues, Jimbo now offers three (3)  Birthday Party packages for children under 10 and two new parties over the age of 10. Jimbo will customize any plan to fit your schedule & price range. Available options make your party truely unique. Commercial pricing is available for School, Church or any public event. 

  • LATEST JIMBO NEWS!!!    (5/27/2014)
  • Jimbo is introducing "Hairbands"
  • A new option, "Speciality Balloon Figures" choose from three different Special Balloons figures
  • Two Party plans for Children over 10; "Glitter Tattoo Party" or Balloon "EXTRAVAGANZA" Parties.
  • Jimbo's BALLOON "LOOTLES" continue to be a hit, see article on Latest news page.
  • You may now use your PayPal or credit card to make your deposit or pay for your party. An email address is all that's required.
  • Earn hundreds of $$$ for your organization by raffling off a Jimbo the Clown party - call for details and promotional kit.

Photo by Gregory Miller
Jay Arthur performing on the Hbg riverfront
Photo courtesy of S. Brice

Do you like all balloon figures that Jimbo can do, but your event just isn't really the place for a colorful clown? Then consider hiring "JAY ARTHUR, The Balloon Artist", Jimbo's non-clown alter-ego. Semi-formal in appearance, all the talent of Jimbo!
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